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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to CSGOCoinflip! On this page you can find answers to common questions about our site. If you're looking for personal help, please visit our support page.

What is "CSGOCoinflip"?

CSGOCoinflip is a CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) gambling website that hosts a variety of different gambling platforms that range from Roulette, Dice, Jackpots, and more!

What is "Jackpot"?

Jackpot is a web-currency game coded for players who want the thrill of being able to "snipe" or gamble on large-scale pots, instead of doing 1v1s in the Duel Games minigame. The minimum deposit is a whooping 0.10 diamonds, and the maximum? There is none!

What is "Roulette"?

Roulette is where you'll gamble on the chance of landing on either Red, Black, or Green. Red & Black payouts are 2x your original bet, and Green is 14x your original bet!

How does "Duel Games" work?

Sign in through Steam and deposit a skin. Duel games work as such; You're able to determine how much you want to bet going from a 33% Chance to win, to a 66% Chance to win, allowing player(s) to "snipe" pots, and have a bit more fun then the usual 50-50.

What does this currency mean?

The diamonds represent "poker chips" you'll be shown a value of your skins and once you deposit your skins into the bot, it'll be accepted and then converted into site currency.

Use diamonds to join games or buy skins on CSGOCoinflip.

Why did I get less than 5$ for my 5$ item?

Any item that is under 5.00$ there will be a 15% Tax cut. The only reason this rule is implemented is to prevent the spam of multiple 1$ - 5$ items into a bot flooding a server, and or depositing a bunch of "low tier" items and withdrawing a high tier item; However if an item is OVER 5$ you will not get any tax cuts from the item and will receive FULL diamond payment.

Why did a staff member add me on Steam?

Our staff members will not add you, if you've been added by someone whom claims to be a staff member, please delete them and report them. Please join our official group.

Site says bot have sent me offer for my withdraw, but I cant see it.

Please wait up to 30 seconds, if you still didn't get an offer wait another 5 minutes. After that, bot will refund your diamonds!

How can I apply to be sponsored and or work for CSGOCoinflip?

You will need to send in a Ticket under "Support" with the Subject "Business Inquiry" and fill in the information needed to determine if you'll make a great addition to our staff team, and or twitch stream team!

Can I withdraw without betting?

You can not deposit items and withdraw other item(s) you must gamble 50% of what you deposit, and or have as diamonds. We have this just for the time being to avoid people depositing hundreds of garbage skin(s) and taking away the good knives and other skins from users.

Chat rules:

1) Do not advertise your personal code in chat; you'll be banned.
2) Keep swearing to a minimum, do not flame other users.
3) Do not propose "teaming" with another player.
4) Do not beg for skins, or diamonds. "Please give me diamonds jk jk kappa" will be muted too.
5) Do not beg admins about checking tickets, we see them and we will get to your tickets as soon as we can!
6) Do NOT post, or talk about other Gambling websites or advertise.
7) Do not trade, buy, and or sell in the CSGOCoinflip Chat.
8) English only, please.
9) Do not spam in the chatbox.